Backyard Tree Removal: Seven Preparation Tips in Charlotte, NC

Backyard Tree Removal: Seven Preparation Tips in Charlotte, NC

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Are you considering backyard tree removal? If so, read these tips from Frady Tree Care, your tree care experts in Charlotte, NC, before you try removing the tree.

Should You Call an Arborist?

It’s critical to put safety first. If the tree is large or near a structure, power lines, or the road, you’re better off calling a professional. The reason is that it’s not always possible to predict where the tree’s going to fall.

Tree care professionals have the equipment and expertise to fell a tree safely. What’s more, they can grind the stump, which causes extensive damage to the roots. This stops the tree from sprouting again.

Be Prepared

If you’re removing the tree yourself, consider the following:

  • Do local regulations require a permit to remove trees?
  • Clear the area of any vehicles and movable accessories.
  • Make sure you have the right tools.
  • Get the right safety gear, like eye protection and chainsaw chaps.
  • Find someone to help you.

How To Remove a Tree From Your Yard

Follow these seven preparation steps for a safe and successful backyard tree removal.

1. Which Way Should the Tree Fall?

One of the most important safety measures is deciding which way the tree will fall. See if it leans in a certain direction to see its natural fall line. Otherwise, make sure it won’t fall on any structures.

2. Prepare Escape Routes

Work out two routes you can take when the tree does fall. The first is for when things go as expected, and the second is for when they don’t. Clear the landscaping on the opposite side of where the tree should fall by removing tripping hazards.

3. Prepare the Tree

Remove the branches you can reach from the ground. This makes it easier to fell the tree and reduces the damage it causes when it falls. Tie a rope around the trunk and lead it away in the direction that the tree’ll fall in.

4. Make an Angled Notch Cut in the Trunk

When preparing for backyard tree removal, cut the notch on the side of the tree where you want it to fall. Extend the notch about a quarter of the way through the trunk’s diameter.

5. Make the Felling Cut

Be ready to move quickly because this is what brings the tree down. Change positions to the other side of the notch. A straight cut is fine, but leave at least a tenth of the tree’s diameter in place.

This “hinge” holds the tree in place a little longer so you have time to escape.

6. Get Out of the Way

Move quickly before the tree starts to topple. If it doesn’t, use the rope to speed things up.

7. Deal With the Stump

The best way is to remove the entire root ball. This isn’t always practical, however. Other alternatives include:

  • Hiring a stump grinder and grinding the trunk down to a few inches below ground level.
  • Drill holes in the trunk and fill it with vegetable oil, gas, or kerosene, and then set it alight. Let the fire department know what you’re doing in case it gets out of control.
  • Use a chemical agent to kill the stump. Just be careful not to poison the plants around it.
  • Drill holes into the trunk and fill them with Epsom salts. Top this up periodically.

Contact the Professionals

DIY backyard tree removal is possible if the plant’s small enough. However, in most instances, you’re better off hiring professionals. Call Frady Tree Care at 704-644-2516 for safe and effective tree removal and to learn how to stop a tree from growing.


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