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While trees may look like majestic giants that stand and shadow us, whether we do anything or not, the fact is that trees need care and attention like any other living thing. Similarly, when trees are injured or ill, like when we are, they need the help of a professional to assess them and offer the best treatment options.

This is why you should speak to Frady Tree Care if you have a tree that is not in good condition, that you are concerned about, or want to check if it is healthy. As a North Carolina-based and serving arborist firm, we understand the regional diseases, pests, climate impacts, and local weather conditions that can affect trees in the area.

Our Tree Health Services

Tree Health is an umbrella term for several different services we offer here at Frady Tree Care, including:

  •   Insect and Disease Control – pests and diseases can attack your trees, and often, you will not even realize it is happening. You must contact us to assess the situation and see if there is a chance that there may be a pest or disease threatening your tree’s health. We can provide our expert opinion and a treatment and management plan to help nurse your tree back to good health.
  •   Protect the Critical Root Zone – one of the most essential parts of a tree’s structure is its critical root zone, often shortened to CRZ. This area underneath the tree stretches out to the drip line. By assessing the condition of the CRZ, we can provide help and aid in improving its conditions to enhance the tree’s health.
  •   Tree Pruning can help your tree stay healthy and strong while creating a more attractive shape and form. We offer a wide range of tree pruning services here at Frady Tree Care and can suggest the best one for your trees after we assess them.
  •   Fertilization – tree fertilization is essential for ensuring your tree gets the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. We can assess your tree’s needs and help by applying it seasonally based on local weather conditions, location, health, known diseases, age, and requirements.
  •   Mulching – our mulching service can be of enormous benefit to tree health. We place the mulching on the soil’s surface around the tree to improve its structure, temperature, availability of moisture, and oxygen levels.

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