Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services

When you have a tree emergency, whether due to storm damage or a failing tree that needs professional attention, you must act fast to protect the tree in question and your property. During a storm, or in the aftermath of a storm, you have the combination of damage caused by the pounding rain and high-speed winds that tear even large limbs of trees and throw them to the ground or topple even the seemingly secure trees on your property. As well as damaging the trees themselves, damaged or fallen trees can damage your property, home, and even the people who live or work there.

The clean-up can be a nightmare even if there is no noticeable sign of damage.

That is why you must invest in a reliable and experienced emergency tree service provider you can trust, like our Frady’s Tree Care team. One call to us means that you get the expert help you need to take care of the tree or property damage you have incurred without any stress, hassle, or work on your part.

When You Need to Contact Professional Arborists

Although there are many times when you can plan in advance and arrange for tree removal and tree pruning services, when you have an emergency, all of that goes out of the wind. When, though, should you request emergency tree services? What constitutes an emergency?

Consider the following examples:

  •   Storm Damage – heavy rain, lighting, high winds, snow, and other harsh weather elements can impact the structural integrity, health, and safety of your trees and your property. When storms are strong enough, trees can be toppled over like they were nothing. At Frady’s Tree Care, we help care for your trees and property after a storm. We have a team of highly trained and skilled individuals who can deal with fallen trees and any limbs on and around your property. We will remove the trees where possible while finding potential dangers following a storm.
  •   Health and Safety – The health and safety of the trees and arboriculture on your property is not our only priority – we are also interested in ensuring you, your household, and your neighbors are safe too. We have the knowledge and experience to avoid possible dangers and additional damage.
  •   When Selling – when you are selling your property, the overall interior and exterior aesthetics are crucial for getting the best price possible. Many experts believe investing in high-quality landscaping and ensuring your property has appropriate tree coverage can increase its value by 14%. If your home is on the market and is damaged or looks like a mess after a storm, contact our team, and we will take care of it.


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For all your emergency tree services, you want the very best in North Carolina. We are happy to put our reputation on the line and state that we are the team you need. Contact us today to discuss your tree emergency, and we will provide you with a no-obligation-free estimate for the work.

Emergency Storm Damage Tree Service

Don’t let storm-damaged trees jeopardize the safety and aesthetics of your property. Contact any Frady Tree Care location for reliable and efficient storm damage tree services today!

Emergency storm damage tree service in Charlotte, NC

Emergency storm damage tree service in Winston Salem, NC

Emergency storm damage tree service in Salisbury, NC 

Emergency storm damage tree service in Lexington, NC

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