What Is the Fastest Growing Tree in North Carolina?

Did you know there are around 60,000 known tree species? With so many trees to choose from it can be hard to know where to start.

Fast-growing trees are a popular choice among homeowners. Our guide will tell you the fastest-growing trees in North Carolina and reveal why they are so beneficial to you and your home.

The Benefits of Fast Growing Trees

Fast-growing trees are popular for a number of reasons. They can be great in your garden as they provide a natural form of privacy, shelter from the sun, and create a peaceful environment.

Having a tree in your garden also improves air quality and creates a natural habitat for bugs and animals.

A mature garden is desirable as it can take years to cultivate. By planting fast-growing trees you are adding value to your property.

Maintaining Fast Growing Trees

Whilst there are a host of benefits for planting fast-growing trees, they need to be maintained.

The root systems can spread and cause havoc with your lawn. They can overrun your garden and create too much shade.

With a little bit of maintenance, you can keep the tree and yourself happy. Getting the experts in is important as trimming a tree can be dangerous and requires specialist knowledge

Red Maple

The Red Maple gets its name for the orange-red hue of the leaves in autumn and its red flowers in spring. It can grow up 2 feet and upwards in a year.

Hybrid Poplar

These tall trees are great for shade and look great when grown in rows. They have silvery-green leaves and are often grown for firewood as they can grow up to a whopping 8 feet in a year!

Quaking Aspen

This tree is a member of the same family as Hybrid Poplar. It grows around 2 to 3 feet per year and adds has a lovely yellow color in fall.

Weeping Willow

Characterized by its beautiful hanging vines, the weeping willow can grow from 3 to 8 feet per year. This makes it one of the fastest of fast-growing tree options for your garden.

Scarlet Oak

The Scarlet Oak tree grows in the wild in dry, sandy soil often on ridges. It averages growth of around 1 to 2 feet per year.

White Oak

With similar growth rates to the Scarlet Oak, the White Oak is perfect for adding a canopy of shade to your garden. 

Eastern Cottonwood

The Eastern Cottonwood is a very fast-growing tree. It can grow upwards of 5 feet a year! It grows to be wide with heavy branches so it’s important that they are properly maintained. 

Which Is Your Favourite Fastest Growing Trees in North Carolina?

There are a variety of fast-growing trees in North Carolina that could all be great options for you and your garden. From a tall thin Hybrid Poplar with silvery green leaves to a romantic Weeping Willow, there’s a tree for you!

Don’t forget to take care of your trees, so they remain a healthy and beautiful addition to your garden. Take a look at the range of tree services we offer suitable for the fastest growing tree care in North Carolina.


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