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Huntersville, NC is the perfect place to enjoy all that nature has to offer. From tree-lined parks and leafy neighborhoods to creekside trails, there’s always a green spot for you here in Huntersville. But sometimes it can be hard for homeowners and business owners alike who try their best but don’t have the time or resources needed by themselves to do tree services in Huntersville – enter your local family owned tree service company!

Huntersville’s Tree Removal Experts

Frady Tree Care Specialists will take care of your tree removal services in Huntersville, no matter what they are! We’re members of the International Society for Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association and have three generations under our belt. You can trust us to solve any problem from a simple trimming job or dead-tree removal all the way up to planting an entire forest in Huntersville with new saplings that you request just how you want them – we’re here when it comes time for complete customer satisfaction.

Frady Tree Care is the premier name in Huntersville when it comes to all things tree removal! We are located just minutes from I-77 and US 74 which makes us easily accessible no matter what your location may be within this great city. Our experts can handle anything that needs done with ease so you never have to worry about whether there will be someone available for help at Frady’s when you need them most! Our team of professionally trained arborists is second to none when it comes to insight, experience, and value. We are proud to offer a complete range of tree care services for both residential and commercial customers.

Tree care and tree removal is a delicate process. You need to protect the tree’s critical root zone, prune it and mulch it for optimal health. If you are in Huntersville or nearby areas our company can help with all your needs when caring for trees!

Tree Trimming & Pruning in Huntersville, NC

Tree trimming and pruning in Huntersville are both the core aspect of many landscaping projects. Not only does tree trimming and pruning help keep your trees healthy, but this service can also omit any safety hazards that may be in place on account of a poorly maintained yard. Our team at Frady Tree Care Specialists will work diligently to ensure you have an attractive lawn while maintaining it’s functionality for maximum enjoyment by humans as well as wildlife! It’s time to get your yard in shape, and we’re here for the job. We offer an easy-to-use online booking system that allows you to schedule appointments with a few clicks of a button!

Passionate about helping the environment, we are Huntersville’s premier tree trimming experts. For over 10 years, our skilled team has been providing high-quality services at affordable prices and is also fully certified to make sure you get a job done right! At Frady Tree Care, in addition to the trimming, we also provide crown cleaning, crown thinning and crown raising for improved tree health. Regardless of the level of tree trimming or pruning services you need, we have the skill to bring your vision to life.

Emergency Tree Services in Huntersville, NC

When a storm hits, it can have devastating consequences on your property. If you are in Huntersville and experience severe damage to the landscaping of your home or business from a recent storm then don’t hesitate – call our experts at Frady Tree Care! We know that no two storms are alike so we’ll work with you individually to provide solutions tailored specifically for what has happened. Our experts can also deal with your insurance carrier directly, helping you to avoid pitfalls of getting shortchanged on storm damage.

You may not be aware of this, but after a storm hits the Huntersville area and damages your property you will need to get it cleaned up. This can take time and money, which is why we offer flexible service plans that leave room for all budgets! Our team at Frady Tree Care has been in the business for decades so our experience speaks for itself. We have specialists on staff ready to handle any type of cleanup project or tree service request with efficiency – no matter what size job you’re looking for! With your property and everyone’s safety in consideration, we continuously strive to clean up all potential damage and danger. Let us handle these tough and unexpected situations for you, call us at today for Emergency Storm Services!

Why Choose Us?

One of the main things that set us apart from the competition is our attention to detail. We go to extreme lengths to make sure your trees and yard get service tailored to your specifications. We always clean up our mess after any and all tree service work. Which means no unwanted roots, stumps, or branches left behind.

Frady Tree Care is a leader in tree service in Huntersville, NC, and with good reason. With over 1000 municipal, commercial, and residential clients in peak season because we care about trees. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for your trees and get the job done right in Huntersville.

Call Frady Tree Care Today!

With our experience and equipment, you can trust the experts to get your yard and trees looking better than ever. Our competitive rates ensure that we are always giving every customer a fair price for their services. A friendly staff member will be more than happy to walk you through your options and provide you with a free estimate. Call us today for information!


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