Tree Nutrients: Where Are They Found?

Plants and trees require nutrients to grow, and those nutrients come from the soil. While you may remember a science class or two that explained the exact process of how plants get their nutrients, it may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to caring for the foliage in your yard. You may know the basics—trees need water and sunlight to survive and get nutrients from the soil—but you may not understand the complexities of tree nutrients and how they get from the soil to the actual tree.

If you’re looking for an expert tree service in Clemmons, NC, to help you care for your trees, look no further than Frady Tree Care. Our team of experts can evaluate your trees, determine the nutrients they need, and fertilize your yard to promote healthy tree growth.

What Nutrients Do Trees Need?

Effective growth depends on having proper tree nutrients. Although exact nutritional needs will vary, all trees need three main nutrients to survive: 

  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen helps trees and plants turn sunlight, water, and soil into food and gives leaves their dark green color. Trees use nitrogen to build amino acids and stimulate leave growth.
  • Phosphorus: Phosphorus promotes healthy root growth and protects the tree from disease by strengthening the tree. It also helps in the production of seeds, flowers, and fruit.
  • Potassium: Much like phosphorus, potassium protects trees from disease and promotes tree growth. It is also a necessary element in the production of chlorophyll (the green pigment that helps plants absorb energy from sunlight to turn into food).

While these tree nutrients are necessary for survival, many others are necessary to maintain a happy, healthy tree. Additional nutrients include carbon, oxygen, iodine, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, chloride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc, among others. So how can you make sure your trees have everything they need to thrive?

What Is the Best Way for a Tree to Get its Nutrients?

As humans, we get most of our nutrition from the food we eat, but we may need to supplement our diets with vitamins to get the necessary nutrients. The same is true for trees. Tree roots absorb nutrients in the soil and use them to build organic matter that helps the tree grow.

While most of the essential nutrients for survival come from good, fertile soil, if your soil lacks crucial nutrients like nitrogen, you may need to add nitrogen-rich fertilizer to the soil. Trees experiencing nutrient deficiency will grow weak, prone to broken branches, and vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Another crucial factor in giving your tree the nutrients it needs is water. Water breaks down the soil, causing a mixture of nutrients that the roots absorb and transport to the tree.

A certified arborist can evaluate your trees, determine what nutrients are missing from the soil, and add slow-release fertilizers to make sure all essential nutrients are present. They can also develop a watering schedule that does not over- or under-water your tree.

Make Sure Your Trees Are Healthy — Call Frady Tree Care Today

A lack of tree nutrients can lead to disease and ultimately leave you with a dangerous tree on your property, but knowing what nutrients your trees need is not easy to pinpoint unless you are an arborist. A qualified tree specialist can properly assess any nutrient deficiency your trees may be experiencing and come up with the best fertilizer to suit their needs. 

If you live in Commons, NC, and aren’t sure what tree nutrients you need, Frady Tree Care can help. Call us today at 704-644-2516, and let’s get your trees healthy and thriving!


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