Removing Storm-Damaged Trees From Your Property: Safety Tips

Storm damaged trees are best dealt with by the top tree removal contractors in Charlotte, NC. Never put yourself or others at risk for tree removal. Consult a trained professional instead.

Check out these critical safety tips before, during, and after a storm for safe tree removal.

What To Do Before a Storm

  • Establish a relationship with a local and professional arborist before storm season. They will likely recall your loyalty and prioritize your needs during an emergency.
  • Scope out your yard before a storm to see if you have any existing damage. Leaning, decaying, or cracked trees pose a threat, so keep an eye out for them. Also, look out for trees leaning dangerously close to power lines.

10 Tips for Safely Removing Storm Damaged Trees

  1. Never attempt to remove any fallen limbs in contact with power lines. It doesn’t matter if a limb seems easy to remove or not. You’ll need an arborist for safe removal.
  2. Broken branches may hang from power lines and trees after a storm. Don’t stand underneath these areas or near them as they will likely fall and injure you.
  3. If you must, inspect a tree from the opposite side it leans towards rather than directly below. Another great option is to view it with binoculars.
  4. Repair minor damages yourself only if it is safe to do so. Minor damages include small stubs or broken branches. We recommend pruning small branches at the spot where they meet larger ones.
  5. Never take on any tasks without proper training and equipment. Working with trees is dangerous and can potentially be fatal for you.
  6. A powerful storm can cause severe damage to trees and power lines. Calling up your local and well-established arborist ensures the correct removal treatment.
  7. Research arborists in your area to make an educated decision on the best one for you. Many tree cutters out there are looking for a quick buck. So, research multiple companies and their reviews before hiring a tree company.
  8. Keep yourself safe for the duration of a storm. You should only deal with a storm’s aftermath once the storm has passed. Putting yourself at risk during a storm or even immediately afterward is a bad idea.
  9. We recommend you only hire a licensed and insured business. You should also check if the company is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). If not, this business may not be a legitimate company.
  10. Call your arborist if you are in doubt or have any questions. It is better to be positive and safe from harm than to be injured unnecessarily. Everyone wants to save time and money but gambling with your safety is never worthwhile.

These tips are our tried-and-true ways to remove storm-damaged trees. The team at Frady Tree Care can help you with any tree or branch removal needs you have!

We also advise you to take measures before a storm strikes your property. The best preventative measure is to care for your trees regularly and with licensed cutters.

For Safe Tree Removal, Contact Us at Frady Tree Care

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