Greensboro, NC, Tree Service Provider Offers Spring Tree Trimming Tips

Spring tree pruning can be compared to spring cleaning. It should be a period for you to inspect your trees and take active steps to keep them safe and healthy.

Frady Tree Care is a tree service company in Greensboro, NC shares some valuable Spring Tree Trimming and Pruning Tips.

Why You Need to Prune your Trees During the Spring

Here are some reasons why should consider pruning during spring:

Pruning for safety

Having an overgrown tree can cause damage to you or your property. Deceased or damaged tree limbs can fall off, therefore, you should prune your trees in the spring when they show signs of overgrowth. Branches that are dead or dying can cause damage to your fencing, your roof, other properties, and they can also cause damage to human beings. 

Pruning for aesthetics

You can prune your tree to make it more aesthetically pleasing. You will need to remove or cut branches, not because they’re damaged or dying, but to give the tree a specific shape. One way to ensure that you’re not overdoing this is to never remove more than 10 percent of the branches of the tree.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees During Spring


This is very important if your tree is young. You can use mulch in retaining moisture and getting rid of weeds. To avoid fungal growth, you shouldn’t layer the mulch on the trunk but on around the bottom of the tree.

Prune your trees

Although the perfect time to prune most trees is during the winter when the tree is dormant, you can remove any dead, damaged, or broken branches in spring to help encourage new growth. Cherry trees and willow trees in particular flourish and thrive after proper pruning.

Water your Trees Properly

The best time to start watering your trees is during the period that leads up to spring/summer. During this period, the weather is starting to get warm and the soil should have thawed. This is opposed to the winter period where the soil is frozen and the soil cannot absorb water.

Where to Find the Right Spring Tree Pruning Services in Greensboro, NC

If you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable Tree Service in Greensboro, NC, Frady Tree Care is your best bet. It is a third-generation certified arboriculture firm. They have over a century of combined experience within them. They take a lot of pride in helping you to make your trees stay healthy.

To speak to a tree care expert at Frady Tree Care, call (704) 644-2516.


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