Can You Plant Shrubs in the Spring?

Anxious gardeners always ask, “can you plant shrubs in the spring?” If you just can’t wait to get your hands dirty, make sure to do the research before you start. A surprise frost can ruin shrubs if you don’t know the best time to plant. 

This post will offer a few pointers to help you know when and what to plant. For a professional opinion, Frady Tree Care Specialists are the best shrub care experts in Charlotte, NC. We offer 24/7 live support.

Look At The Weather

How harsh is the winter where you live? If it’s mild, you’ve got some leeway. The safest time to plant is after the last frost. Most shrubs will not survive a surprise frost if you get antsy and plant too soon.

Before the ground thaws, keep the dirt off your paws. That’s to say, soil conditions just as the seasons turn will not allow shrubs to grow, so wait until the ground softens. 

If you live in the deep south, the ideal time to plant shrubs comes a lot earlier than in northern regions.

No matter where you live, planting too close to summer can kill your shrubs. The roots need at least five months to establish themselves and thrive. Weak roots make a shrub more likely to succumb to diseases or insects feasting on the leaves. 

Create the Ideal Environment

Give your shrubs every possible chance to thrive. Remove old organic matter like mulch and leaves from the area. Make sure there is enough room to dig a hole slightly bigger than the planter the shrub comes in.

When you place each shrub, make sure the fullest side faces the direction that people will see. For optimal root growth, make sure at least half an inch of dirt covers the root ball. 

Choices for Planting Shrubs

Can you plant shrubs in the spring? Sure, but which ones? You have a few options depending on your preferences. Some grow fast and produce flowers, and others take their time but live forever.

Elderberry makes little bitty fruit similar to blueberries. It grows quickly. If you plant it in the spring, you may have your own elderberry syrup by mid-summer.

The cherry laurel shrub takes just a year to grow two feet tall. It produces pretty white blooms.

For gardeners who love both flowers and skulls, opt for Snapdragons. They produce red or yellow flowers and in the fall the blooms turn into spooky skulls. Happy Halloween! They are so strong that planting them before the last frost is a safe move for impatient gardeners.

Shrub Aftercare

Shrubs are popular because they are low-maintenance and grow a lot in a short amount of time. However, they still need special attention every once in a while. 

Healthy shrubs need more than just sun and a little dirt. Fertilizer helps newly planted shrubs establish themselves. Some shrubs appreciate a second dose of fertilizer in the summer. 

For hot and dry areas, organic mulch covering the ground will keep water from evaporating and help the roots get plenty of nutrients.

Shrubs need water as winter comes. A long drink of water will keep them hydrated from October on.

Full-Service Landscape Professionals

Can you plant shrubs in the spring season? You can plant shrubs right after the last frost. Check your local weather patterns. Decide what type of shrubs you want to plant so you can start right way.

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