How to Get Rid of Whiteflies on Trees

Finding whiteflies hidden on the underside of your plants often causes gardeners to panic. Pesky little whiteflies seek indoor and outdoor plants for food, moisture, and shelter from inclement weather conditions. Learning how to get rid of whiteflies helps protect your plants and minimize damage to your landscape. 

This blog post outlines the best environmentally-friendly practices for getting rid of whiteflies. Using various eco-friendly solutions, you can eradicate whiteflies without harming your nearby plants, shrubs, and trees. In addition, you can contact tree service contractors in Charlotte, NC, for help keeping your garden, flowerbeds, and shrubs whitefly free. 

What Are Whiteflies? 

Whiteflies, also called Trialeurodes vaporariorum, have become a significant problem for North Carolina residents. Originally native to South America, whiteflies become increasingly active during the summer months between June and August. Any geographic location in Hardiness Zone 7 or higher may harbor whitefly species. 

Spotting heavy infestations early and learning how to get rid of whiteflies deters invasive insects from defoliating your indoor and outdoor plants. Common characteristics of whiteflies in North Carolina include: 

  • Small white wings
  • Triangular shaped bodies
  • 1/10 of an inch long 
  • Distinct brown wing bands

Whiteflies feed on susceptible plants and strip leaf surfaces of essential vitamins, minerals, and moisture. Host plants infected by whiteflies more easily develop fungal infections and diseases. Understanding how to manage whitefly infestations can save your garden and keep your landscape pristine. 

Whitefly Preventative Measures 

Exterminating whiteflies may prove more manageable than you think. Consider the following strategies for keeping whiteflies away from your plants and property. 


Small handheld vacuums work extraordinarily well at removing whiteflies from your plants. Using gentle sweeping motions, vacuum whiteflies and their larva from the top and underside of your plant’s leaves. Dispose of whiteflies in a sealed plastic bag outside your home to prevent reoccurring insect infestations.

Dish Soap Formula 

Mix one gallon of water with one tablespoon of Dawn dish soap to create an excellent whitefly deterrent. Pour your dish soap formula into a spray bottle and spray your infected trees weekly to kill pupates and control whitefly populations. Avoid spraying trees during peak temperatures to avoid disrupting plant growth and helpful pollinating insects. 

Prune Damaged Leaves 

The best strategies for learning how to get rid of whiteflies start with pruning away infected leaves. Foliage infected by whiteflies more easily develops fungal infections and risks spreading infections to neighboring plants. Use pruning sheers to remove discolored or eaten leaves to prevent cross-contamination with nearby shrubs and flowers. 

Protecting Trees From Whiteflies 

Healthy trees rarely develop whitefly infestations. With the help of expert arborists, you can optimize your tree’s growing conditions to thwart whiteflies and rid your property of problematic insects. Keep your trees happy, healthy, and free of invasive insects with the following: 

  • Deep-watering techniques 
  • Slow-releasing fertilizers 
  • Mulching 
  • Soil quality testing 
  • Tree health evaluations 

Tree service experts can do much more than remove overhanging branches from power lines. Speak to your local arborists to learn more about how to get rid of whiteflies in North Carolina. Using environmentally-friendly insect removal strategies, you can stop the spread of whiteflies and prevent future harm to your landscape. 

Top-Rated Tree Services in North Carolina 

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