How To Tell If You Have a Dangerous Tree On Your Property

As a property owner, you care about the condition of both the interior and exterior of your property. However, while many homeowners excel at maintenance activities like yardwork and repairs, many don’t know how to care for their property’s trees and plants properly. 

Fortunately, our team at Frady Tree Care can help. We’re a seasoned tree care company providing Salisbury’s professional tree services

In this blog, we talk about some warning signs that can help you spot a dangerous tree and reduce the risk it poses to you, your guests, or your property. 

To learn more about proper tree care and what tree care services entail, reach out to our experts at Frady Tree Care today. 

Signs a Tree On Your Property Is Dangerous

As part of your exterior property maintenance, keep an eye out for the below signs of a dangerous tree. 

Damaged or Broken Limbs

When bad weather or high winds happen, tree limbs often become split, cracked, or otherwise damaged. These broken branches can fall at any moment, posing a serious safety risk to anyone passing by or any nearby structures.

Hanging Limbs

Sometimes limbs become caught on other limbs. While these limbs may look secure, this appearance is deceptive. Hanging limbs, like damaged or broken limbs, can fall at any time and damage you or your property. 

Visibly Dead Limbs

Dead branches pose a serious fall risk. Signs that a limb is dead include: 

  • Discoloration of the bark
  • Broken or damaged parts
  • No leaf growth 
  • Pest infestations

If you’re unsure if a tree on your property has dead limbs, consult with a tree professional or arborist as soon as possible to reduce any safety hazards. 

Signs of Disease

A diseased tree may lose limbs, infect other trees, become a host to pests, or even uproot more easily. Signs of disease include changes to the bark, swelling in the trunk or limbs, pest infestations, etc. 

Schedule an appointment with a consulting arborist to accurately diagnose tree disease and other issues. 


Leaning trees have weakened or shallow root systems whose hold is failing. A tree leaning for any reason can fall, posing severe risks to both health and property. 

Work with seasoned tree services to remove leaning trees as soon as possible. 

Damaged Tree Roots

If your tree’s roots have been damaged by equipment, vehicles, tools, or disease, the entire tree could become compromised. 

A trained arborist can determine whether a tree with damaged roots can be effectively saved or if it will need to be removed completely. 

Imbalance and Frequent Swaying

If you see trees on your property swaying too easily in the wind or “wobbling,” these symptoms could signal top-heaviness, imbalance, or weakened root systems. 

Call in the professionals to assess the risks associated with a swaying tree. 

What To Do About Dangerous Trees

In many cases, once a tree shows noticeable signs of being at risk for damage, disease, or collapse, the risk to health and property may already be too high. 

If you notice any sign that trees on your property may put you or your guests at risk, don’t hesitate to work with tree care professionals. Acting fast can eliminate the danger and prevent new hazards from forming. 

In addition to targeted tree care services, overall maintenance and inspection can reduce the likelihood of disease and other issues among trees on your property. 

Find Professional Tree Help in Salisbury 

If you need to remove a hazardous tree from your property, act fast. Call our team at Frady Tree Service to learn about cutting down trees in sections, complete tree removal, and more. Schedule your estimate for dangerous tree removal by calling 704-644-2516.


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