Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved?

It happens to every tree owner eventually—your beloved plant withers away in front of you, and you have no idea how to help it. 

But can a diseased tree be saved in the first place? And is it possible to spot the signs of disease before they wreak havoc on your trees? It’s easy for a certified arborist, and with professional tree service in Huntersville by Frady Tree Care, you can bring an arborist’s skills to your home at a competitive rate. 

However, there are some steps you can take to protect your trees without professional care. We’ll examine a few of them here and give you the tools to keep your plants healthy year-round.

How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dying

The first step in nursing a diseased tree back to health is identifying that there’s a problem in the first place. Unfortunately, there isn’t one telltale sign that your tree is suffering, so diagnosing issues isn’t always straightforward. However, the symptoms below are some of the most common and easiest to spot.

Missing or Unhealthy Leaves

If your previously lush trees show only discolored and shriveled leaves at the time of year they’re supposed to be growing, it’s likely a symptom of tree disease. 

It’s not as easy to identify unhealthy leaves in the colder months when it’s natural for trees to shed their foliage. But, if the dying leaves stick to their branches rather than dropping, it could be because of plant disease.

Dead Branches and Bark

Healthy tree branches and bark are durable and structurally sound and adhere to the trunk without issue. So if your tree’s branches and bark begin cracking, falling off the tree, or losing their grip, there’s probably hidden damage or disease.

Visible Pests

Bugs will move into trees with decaying wood and leaves because it’s easier for them to carve out a home. So any spikes in pest presence might signify a diseased tree.

How You Can Save a Struggling Tree

It’s essential to identify the signs of tree disease before it worsens. Any plants suffering without assistance for months are likely a lost cause, but if you diagnose your trees early, these steps will help your preserve them.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

One of the biggest causes of tree diseases is watering issues. Whether you’re over or underwatering, mistreating your tree will lead to its demise. 

An easy way to tell if watering is an issue is to examine the root system. For example, if puddles of water surround your tree at its base or the roots are soggy to the touch, you’re giving the tree too much water. Similarly, if the ground near the tree is dry and worn down, your plant needs extra moisture. 

The perfect watering schedule depends on the tree’s size, type, and how much rainwater it receives. So when you’re developing a watering plan, pay attention to the weather and research your tree’s specific needs.

Prune Regularly

Pruning is the process of removing diseased bark or limbs from your tree with cleaned shears or a buzzsaw. Proper pruning will eliminate all decaying parts of your plant and prevent them from spreading to the root system. 

If you know your tree has a disease, you’ll need to commit to regular pruning to remove all problem areas until you’ve eradicated the sickness.

Act Quickly and Call For Help

So can a diseased tree be saved? If you know what to look for, how to care for your tree, and catch the signs of illness early, you can bring your trees back to life with no problem. But if you’re not sure if there’s a problem or what to do to stop a particular disease, the best plan is to call a certified arborist at Frady Tree Care for help. 

Call us at (704) 644-2516 and learn the reasons why trees die in the first place.


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