Is It Safe Building Close To Trees?

Awareness of the potential safety concerns associated with building close to trees is essential. As trees grow, their roots can spread and grasp onto surfaces below them. This expansion can lead to structural damage to buildings and possible injury to nearby people.

 Buildings close to large or tall trees may need to be modified to ensure their safety and prevent damage. In this article, we’ll discuss the risks involved with building close to trees and provide some strategies you can use to ensure your construction projects are successful, even with nearby trees. Additionally, we’ll recommend an excellent tree service company in Lexington, NC, that can handle any tree removal services you may need in the future. 

Why Are The Safety Concerns Associated With Building Near Trees?

Many property owners like building their houses and other structures as close to the natural landscape as possible to appreciate their surrounding environment’s beautiful views and fresh air. However, it’s crucial to ensure that they don’t endanger the safety of those living around them.

Trees are responsible for supporting a significant amount of weight above ground through their root systems. Therefore, if a structure is close to a tree, the spreading roots can begin to interfere with its foundation and, in extreme cases, even cause it to collapse. Also, too much weight on a tree’s roots can crush them depriving the tree of nutrients and killing it over time.

If a building collapses while people are in the vicinity, it can result in severe injuries and even death. Taking the proper precautions when building near trees is vital to ensuring stability. In the following sections, we’ll cover some crucial safety tips to keep in mind when building close to trees.

Safety Tip Number One: Consider the Roots

Root system strength is the most crucial factor when building near mature trees. In many cases, these roots will grow deeper into the ground than the rest of the nearby plants and may interfere with the foundations of structures in the surrounding area. However, trimming the roots is not always an option, as doing so can cause significant harm to the tree.

Fortunately, alternative options are available. For instance, they can work with the architect to design their construction plans while considering nearby trees. They can also work with a tree service company to install tree protection or discuss removal of trees on the property or street trees before beginning construction.

Safety Tip Number Two: Prune Consistently

To reduce the risk of damage to surrounding structures and vegetation, you should prune trees regularly. Pruning removes dead or damaged branches and ensures that branches are kept at an appropriate height to reduce the risk of damage to surrounding structures. This practice is particularly essential for homeowners planning construction, as the pruning process provides an opportunity to evaluate a tree’s health and determine if any underlying issues could affect the structure.

Safety Tip Number Three: Consult an Arborist Before Beginning Construction

An arborist is a tree care professional with extensive knowledge of the biology and care of trees and plants. Arborists can provide expert advice on healthy tree species and best practices for landscaping, gardening, and building close to trees. If you need an arborist in Lexington, the experts at Frady Tree Care are ready to help.

Our team can answer various crucial questions to help you safely design and build your outdoor space and explain what you need to know about CODIT and other tree-related issues. We want to help you build around nature safely. So, to ensure the success of your project, call Frady Tree Care at 704-644-2516 for a consultation today.


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