A Homeowner’s Guide to Popular Types of Trees in NC

Adding trees to your landscape design is one of the best things you can do for your property. The benefits are almost infinite and there are very few downsides in most cases.

The key to the most success is finding just the right type of tree for your space that can thrive in your local climate and land. Doing a little bit of research upfront to choose the perfect variety will give you the best chance to have those full, mature trees everyone loves years from now. 

Read on to find the best types of trees in NC to add to your yard this year! 

Flowering Trees in NC

One of the main reasons homeowners want to add tress to their landscaping is because they add so much beauty to the view. That’s especially true when the tree flowers in the springtime. 

A great flowering tree for North Carolina is the yellow poplar. It’s sometimes called the tulip tree because of the bright yellow flowers the branches sport in the spring. These can be high-maintenance and need a larger area, so they may not be right for every property. 

Other homeowners love crepe myrtles which bloom at an unexpected time and have vibrant colors. It’s also less high-maintenance, which is a win! 

Fast Growing Trees in NC

Unfortunately, many of the benefits of having trees on your property don’t come until their large and mature. That’s why so many homeowners are so interested in fast-growing varieties. 

In North Carolina, those include the eastern cottonwood, red maple, or weeping willow. With each of these varieties, you’ll see a significant increase each year after they’re planted. But the key is to keep them properly pruned and trimmed so that they continue to grow in the direction and shape you want them to. 

Shade Trees in NC 

While you want your trees to grow tall quickly, the amount of shade they produce is likely a more important quality to look for. 

You want to look for trees that have branches that fill in full with leaves or have a large crown that covers a large area. These will give you the sun coverage you’re looking for. 

Some trees that grow well in North Carolina that offer these things are dogwoods or red maples. 

Best Types of Trees in NC

There’s nothing better than enjoying the shade of a large tree in the summertime in your backyard. And that sweet moment all comes back to one decision made several years earlier by the homeowner.

After you’ve picked from all the best types of trees in NC and planted them on your property, you have to take care of them! Hiring professional tree trimming services is the best way to keep them looking good and growing safely. You can avoid potential problems and feel confident in their care!

If you’re in need of any tree care service from inspection to trimming to removal, contact us today! 


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