Why Hire an Arborist? Four Reasons

Do you own a property with one or more trees? Maybe you are wondering why hire an arborist when you can care for your trees yourself? This article will help you understand the significance of hiring elite tree service in Huntersville, NC, to ensure that your trees look beautiful and healthy.

What Is an Arborist?

An arborist is a professional with advanced techniques in arboriculture. Sometimes referred to as tree surgeons, arborists specialize in the study, maintenance, and care of trees.

Their level of knowledge often transcends that of tree species and includes the knowledge of shrubs, vines, and various other plant life. While arborists generally focus on individual tree care, they may also handle foresting and logging issues.

Four Reasons to Hire a Certified Arborist

Why hire an arborist? Below are four reasons to consider.

1. Expertise

The primary benefit of hiring an arborist is getting knowledge and expertise. An arborist has an extensive understanding of all aspects of tree care. They can answer all questions clearly and accurately.

As experts on tree care, they will advise you on improving the health of your trees. Certified arborists take an oath with the International Society of Arboriculture to uphold all the tree care industry’s standards.

An arborist will help you with various professional tree care services, including:

  • Pruning: An arborist will recommend the best type of pruning to improve your tree’s appearance, health, and safety.
  • Tree removal: Tree removal can be risky, and an arborist has the knowledge and skill to do it safely.
  • Emergency tree care: Pruning or removing storm-damaged trees can be hazardous. An arborist can perform the task safely, minimizing the risk of property damage and injuries.
  • Tree planting: An arborist will recommend the best trees for specific locations.

2. Proper Equipment

Various tree services require specialized equipment, another critical reason to hire an arborist. Certified arborists have the right tools to ensure the best results for every job. Some of the equipment arborists need include the following:

  • Rigging equipment for climbing and cutting large trees safely, including slings, pulleys, cable hoists, and carabiners
  • Cutting equipment, including prunes, handsaws, pole saws, wedges, wood chippers, and axes
  • Climbing equipment
  • Trimming equipment

An arborist will know when and where to use which tool to do the job right the first time while ensuring the safety of property and people.

3. Proper Tree Care and Maintenance

Trees need proper maintenance and care to grow healthy. An arborist is the best person to care for your trees. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they can quickly identify a diseased tree, give a correct diagnosis, and recommend the most effective remedy.

Without proper care, your trees can become prone to diseases, insect infestations, and growth issues. A certified arborist will also advise you on the best preventive measures against various diseases, insects, and other potential complications.

4. Storm Damage Prevention

Another important reason to hire an arborist is that they can help protect your trees from storm damage. Arborists are skilled in handling issues that could be overwhelming for an untrained person.

A certified arborist can identify issues that could make your trees more susceptible to failure during a storm. They can inspect your trees for any decay in the limbs or branches. Providing adequate structural support for a tree with minor decay can prevent tree failure in high winds or storms.

Final Thoughts

Why hire an arborist? Doing so can benefit you in many ways. You will get knowledge and expertise on various tree care services. You will also reduce the risk of accidents and property damage by using the proper equipment for every job.

If you need a certified tree arborist or want to learn more about the benefits of hiring tree service professionals, contact Frady Tree Care today at 704-644-2516.


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