Trees in the Fall Season: Top Eight Picks

Whether you’re looking to enhance your surroundings with trees or simply want to go leaf-watching, knowing the right trees to find or plant can go a long way. 

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This blog covers our top eight picks for deciduous trees in the fall season. To learn more about the best trees for your property and more, keep browsing our blog or call our Frady Tree Care team to schedule a consultation today. 

Our Top Eight Picks For Trees in the Fall Season

Fall foliage offers up a stunning selection of colors. Make autumn on your property memorable by choosing trees from our list below. We’ve picked the best and brightest to give every fall season a serious wow factor. 

#1: Japanese Maple

Famous for its deep, bold red leaves that shine like fire in the sunlight, the Japanese maple can stay colorful year-round. This species works well in growing zones five to eight and can vary from light green to deep purple in leaf shade, depending on the variety. 

#2: Black Gum 

The leaves of the black gum tree blaze shades of bronze and scarlet in the fall. These trees attract many birds and grow readily in a wide area, from zones three to nine. 

#3: Sunburst Honeylocust 

Offering a vibrant mix of golden and green hues, the honeylocust Sunburst variety also boasts no thorns. Drought and salt-tolerant, these trees make great street trees, growing well in zones four to nine and thriving in full sun exposure. 

#4: River Birch

Like many birch varieties, the river birch displays curious peeling bark year-round, giving the tree and soft and shaggier look. Coupled with the brilliant yet subtle golds of the tree’s leaves, this papery grey-brown bark adds soft hues to the fall landscape. These trees grow well in zones four to nine and favor wet, temperate rainforest regions. 

#5: Sugar Maple

Maple trees in the fall season become royalty when their leaves tend to take on some of the most brilliant hues of the season. The sugar maple, no exception to this rule, can turn a variety of shades, including yellow, red, orange, or burgundy. 

As an added benefit, sugar maples offer sap, which property owners can tap and refine to make maple syrup. This tree grows well in zones three to eight and in semi-moist environs. 

#6: American Sweetgum 

With leaves that somewhat resemble those of  the maple, the American sweetgum tree can produce multiple hues of red, gold, and orange on a single tree. Some varieties even produce deep purple foliage, adding stunning contrast to a landscape. 

This type of tree thrives in zones four to nine and prefers areas with full sun exposure. 

#7: Purple-Leaf Sand Cherry

Technically a large shrub, the sand cherry works well in environments requiring smaller or limited tree growth. This tree shrub keeps deep purple foliage throughout the summer and turns a lovely greenish-bronze in the fall. 

In the spring, the sand cherry produces beautiful cherry blossoms. Grow this tree shrub in zones two to eight for the most success. 

#8: Dogwood

Dogwood trees, an iconic tree species dotting the edges of North American forests, produce lovely white flowers in the spring. In late summer, this tree’s leaves turn shades of red and green with orange tinges. 

The dogwood grows well in zones five to nine, depending on species.

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