Tree Removal Permit Winston-Salem, NC | City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance

If you are looking to obtain a tree removal permit or have any tree service performed in Winston-Salem, NC, it is essential to follow the requirements laid out by the City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance. You also need to know which tree services require a tree permit and the process of applying for the permit.

Whether you need tree removal, tree pruning, or are looking to plant new trees, the City of Winston-Salem requires a permit for all commercial and municipal development and construction projects. Private landowners do not require permits unless their project falls within a particular designation.

For any questions about tree removal permits in Winston-Salem, NC, or the City of Winston Salem Tree Ordinance, give Frady Tree Care Specialists a call today at (704) 644-2516 or contact them online. Their professional arborists can help you navigate the needed essentials to get the service you need to be performed settled.


Obtaining a Tree Removal Permit in Winston-Salem, NC

Tree permits are not required unless tree work is part of a development or building project that requires either a land-disturbing or erosion control permit. Projects requiring such a permit must comply with the tree preservation provisions of the Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance.

Frady Tree Care Specialists can help answer any questions you may have about getting a tree removal permit in Winston-Salem, NC. However, private homeowners do not need to worry about this added detail. Frady Tree Care Specialists is happy to help navigate the permit process for commercial or municipal projects, including its application.


City of Winston Salem Tree Ordinance

As part of the Unified Development Ordinances, the Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance was formed in 2009. As part of the ordinance, all construction or development projects that require land-disturbing or erosion control must contain trees. While relatively young, the ordinance is well-detailed, covering all aspects of tree services provided to private and public property.

The ordinance’s main bulk only applies to construction and development projects that meet specific criteria and not private homeowners looking to work on trees on their property. Detailed in City Code Chapter 74, Article XI, the City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance:

  • Details the general requirements for permits dealing with public tree service
  • Covers the specifications of planting trees on public property
  • Covers the specifications of maintaining trees on public property
  • Covers the specifications of removing trees on public property
  • Defines working within the dripline of trees on public property
  • Outlines specifications for public utility companies and tree service
  • Outlines tree injuries and what is not permitted
  • Bans tree topping except in trees damaged by storms or that threaten public works where proper pruning is not a sufficient solution
  • Details trees on private property that create unsafe conditions for the general health and safety of the public, also allowing the city to come and treat trees on personal property for parasites, fungus, or pest that may spread to public property
  • Outlines tree inspections for public and private property
  • Details the appeals process for those who are dissatisfied with a decision by the City of Winston-Salem
  • Details penalties for those who fail, neglect, or refuse to comply with any permit within the City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance

With guidelines for trees on public property and private property, the City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance covers a tremendous amount of information over its eight sections. It covers everything from correctly pruning trees to the extent of tree service that public utilities may exercise in routine maintenance of their services. It also outlines penalties for all who do not follow Winston-Salem Tree Ordinances.

While private landowners seeking tree services do not need to worry much about the details of the City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance, it is essential to know the document’s basics and how it may pertain to them when it comes to damaged or diseased trees.

For commercial and municipal projects that require professional tree services, Frady Tree Care Specialists are well versed in tree ordinances. They can help keep your project within the requirements and restrictions detailed in the document.

If a private homeowner has any concerns about the heath of their trees or if their trees may contain any fungus, parasites, or pests, contact Frady Tree Care Specialists for all of your tree service needs in Winston-Salem and we can help answer those questions as well.


Professional Tree Service in Winston-Salem, NC

Frady Tree Care Specialists offers professional service, all within the specifications of the City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinance, including:

  • Tree removal, including root removal, stump grinding, and branch cleanup
  • Tree trimming to ensure tree branches do not damage property or takedown exposed wires
  • Tree pruning to help maintain the development and overall health of trees
  • Tree health to ensure your trees live longer in urban environments, as well as provide adequate shade, fresh air, erosion control, and proper drainage
  • Shrub health to maximize the beauty and lifespan of your shrubs
  • Emergency storm service to handle unexpected tree and shrug damage and removal after a significant storm, getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible
  • State tree services following all City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinances
  • Private property services following all City of Winston-Salem Tree Ordinances

Frady Tree Care Specialists are fully insured and certified with more than 100 years of combined experience as an arboriculture firm. As proud members of the International Society of Arboriculture and Tree Care Industry Association, they use environmentally friendly techniques that meet or exceed all Winston-Salem and North Carolina requirements for tree service.

Thousands of commercial, municipal, and residential customers use Frady Tree Care Specialists services each year. With their professional services, customer satisfaction, and respect for both their customers and employees, they aim to build long-lasting relationships in the community.


Complete Tree Care in North Carolina

If you need tree service or have questions about whether or not you need tree service, give Frady Tree Care Specialists a call today at (704) 644-2516 or contact them online. Frady Tree Care Specialists proudly serves Winston-Salem, NC, the Triad Area, and everywhere in between. Their ISA Certified Arborists are ready to help you maintain the health and beauty of your property.


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