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Suppose you are looking to obtain a tree removal permit in Charlotte, NC. In that case, it is essential to know about the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance, what tree services require a tree permit, and the process of applying for the permit. Whether you need tree removal, tree pruning, or are looking to plant new trees, the City of Charlotte requires a permit.


Obtaining a Tree Removal Permit in Charlotte, NC

Applying for a tree removal permit in Charlotte, NC, requires submitting a Land Development Services Permit For Tree Work form. The tree owner must fill in their name, address, phone number, mailing address, email address, date, and signature. They also must include the services they wish to receive the permit for and the street address of service/planting.

All tree removal, tree pruning, or new tree planting, whether for state trees or trees on private property, must follow the regulations set for by the City of Charlotte. These include:

  • Tree Protection: There can be no disturbing land activities allowed in the tree protection zone. Required barricades placed around the tree protection zone must meet or exceed the specifications laid out in the Tree Ordinance Standards (CMLD Standards 40.02).
  • Tree Removal: Unless otherwise approved, tree stumps, dead trees, and shrub growth must be cut to ground level or ground out with a stump grinder.
  • Pruning Specifications: All pruning must comply with National Arborist Association and ANSI A300-2001 Standards. Avoid damage to tree bark from splitting, peeling, and teardowns. The use of climbing spurs is not permitted. Any roots encroaching into sidewalks or driveways must be cut with a sharp tool and filed back.
  • Specifications for Planting: All new planting should follow the American Association of Nurserymen, Inc. standards and meet the Standard Planting Details (CMLD standards 40.01.) Fertilization must meet the National Arborist Association Standards. No exposed wires may touch the trunk or branches.

Frady Tree Care Specialists can help answer any questions you may have about getting a tree removal permit in Charlotte, NC, as well as provide whatever services you may need when it comes to the addition or removal of trees.


City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance

First adopted in 1978, the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance protects both public and private trees regarding development. The ordinance also deals with the requirements of tree planting with every new construction. Detailed in City Code Chapter 21, the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance:

  • Protects and facilitates the aesthetic qualities of the community to ensure tree removal does not reduce property values.
  • Emphasizes the importance of trees as a visual and physical buffer.
  • Promotes clean air quality by maintaining trees and shrubs that reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide levels and help with dust filtration.
  • Strives to reduce the harmful effects of wind turbulence and the heat, noise, and glare of motor vehicles on the community through trees as a buffer.
  • Aims to minimize increases in temperatures throughout the city with natural tree cover.
  • Maintains moisture levels in the air or land with natural tree cover.
  • Ensures the preservation of underground water reservoirs and permits the return of rain and snow to groundwater levels.
  • Seeks to prevent soil erosion.
  • Strives to provide adequate shade.
  • Minimizes the cost of construction and maintenance of drainage systems.
  • Helps to conserve natural resources, such as fresh air and water.
  • Requires the preservation and planting of trees to maintain and increase the tree canopy cover across the city.

With guidelines for trees on public property and private property, the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance covers a tremendous amount of information over its five articles. It covers everything from correctly pruning trees to how much land must be devoted to new trees for a new construction project—all with the well being of the environment and the community in mind.

Thankfully those seeking tree services do not need to worry much about the details of the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance. Professional tree removal services in Charlotte such as Frady Tree Care Specialists, are well versed in the tree ordinance and can let you know whether your project falls within the requirements and restrictions detailed in the document.

The important part is that you know the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance exists and does so to maintain a set of standards set out by Charlotte regarding environmental impact and other public concerns.

Professional Tree Service in Charlotte, NC

Frady Tree Care Specialists offers professional service, all within the specifications of the City of Charlotte Tree Ordinance, including:

  • Tree removal, including stump grinding, root removal, and branch cleanup
  • Tree trimming to ensure overhanging branches do not fall and damage property or take down exposed wires
  • Tree pruning to help maintain the healthy development of trees
  • Tree health to ensure trees are longer lasting in their urban environment, as well as providing adequate shade and proper drainage
  • Shrub health to maximize the beauty and lifespan of your shrubbery
  • Emergency storm service to handle the unexpected after a significant storm, getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible
  • State tree services following all City of Charlotte Tree Ordinances
  • Private property services following all City of Charlotte Tree Ordinances

Fully insured and certified, they have more than 100 years of combined experience as an arboriculture firm. A proud member of the Tree Care Industry Association and International Society of Arboriculture, they use environmentally friendly techniques that meet or exceed all city and state requirements for tree service.

Join the thousands of commercial, municipal, and residential customers that Frady Tree Care Specialists services each year. Through professional services, customer satisfaction, and respect, they aim to keep customers happy and build long-lasting relationships.

Complete Tree Care in North Carolina

If you need tree service or have questions about whether or not you need tree service, give Frady Tree Care Specialists a call today at (704) 644-2516 or contact them online. Frady Tree Care Specialists proudly serves Charlotte, NC, the Triad Area, and everywhere in between. Their ISA Certified Arborists are ready to help you maintain the health and beauty of your property.


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