7 Tree Cutting Terms to Remember for Homeowners

Navigating through tree cutting terms isn’t always easy. Although many homeowners know basic tree cutting jargon like trimming and topping off, many are unfamiliar with the more advanced terms. Luckily, Frady Tree Care is here to help.

Frady Tree Care is the leading Charlotte, NC tree service expert. The Frady Tree Care team knows all the ins and outs of the industry and can tell you everything you need to know about tree cutting lingo. Continue reading to learn more about the proper tree cutting terms and what they mean.


Trimming is probably the most well-known term in the industry. It’s the process of cutting or removing select branches so the tree can grow healthy and strong. Trimming is a vital part of tree maintenance and can help balance trees when they start looking overgrown or unkempt.

Tree Topping

Much like trimming, tree topping consists of removing select branches to prevent overgrowth and promote health. The only difference is that tree topping focuses on the treetops instead of the whole canopy. It makes tall trees less susceptible to wind damage.

Some homeowners’ associations have limitations on tree size to prevent them from getting entangled with telephone lines or looking disheveled. Tree topping helps keep trees within the homeowner’s association’s guidelines while improving their overall appearance.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is another variant of trimming and involves cutting specific branches to help the tree absorb nutrients to stay healthy and robust. Unnecessary limbs often absorb crucial nutrients needed in the tree’s core, severely reducing its health. It’s an important practice that will help trees stay alive for decades to come.

Raising Canopy

Raising the canopy involves removing a tree’s ground level and lower branches to provide more ground space and make it easier to walk or stand under. Most trees next to sidewalks, driveways, or streets require a raised canopy to prevent accidents and injuries. Clearing branches from the base of the tree can also help its appearance, boosting the yard’s curbside appeal.


Deadwooding is the process of removing dead branches to prevent accidents and further decay. Dead limbs are prone to falling and could severely injure people walking, sitting, or standing under the tree. Falling branches can also cause severe damage if they land on a home or vehicle.

Branch Thinning

Branch thinning consists of cutting or removing interior tree limbs to diminish the weight in a specific section of the tree. If the limbs become too heavy, the tree could fall and cause extensive property damage that costs a small fortune to repair.

Branch thinning reduces stress on the tree, allowing it to grow more safely. It also reduces wind resistance, allowing air to pass through the trees more efficiently.

Drop Zone

A drop zone is a specific area where the homeowner or arborist drops cut tree limbs during the trimming, pruning, or thinning process. Most professional arborists lower the removed branches with a rope to prevent damaging the tree or areas surrounding the drop zone. Always ensure the drop zone is in a safe location to avoid property damage or injury.

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Maintaining trees is both strenuous and time-consuming. That’s why Charlotte residents trust Frady Tree Care for all their tree service needs. Whether you need tree trimming or want to learn more about tree cutting terms, Frady Tree Care has the skills and experience to help.

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