Emergency Storm Service  

Get your property back to normal with storm cleanup from Frady Tree Care Specialists. Our team of experts will handle all forms of maintenance and removal, so your property looks good as new sooner rather than later. You can get the emergency clean-up services you need without lifting a finger.  Click here to read more about our emergency storm service


Tree Removal 

Tree removal is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. Of course, getting the tree and stump out of the ground is easier said than done. Tree removal can be a labor-intensive process, even if you have the proper equipment.

One of the main things that sets us apart from the competition is our attention to detail. We go to extreme lengths to make sure your trees and yard get service tailored to your specifications. That means no unwanted roots, stumps, or branches left behind.  Click here to read more about our tree removal services!


Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming has a variety of potential benefits including dramatically improving the appearance, health, safety, and value of your property.  If you need tree or bush trimming in or around Charlotte, Frady Tree Care is the only name you need to know. We have been the areas’s #1 tree trimming service year after year because of our high-quality execution and competitive pricing. Click here to read more about our tree trimming services!

Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning is a core aspect of many landscaping projects. It can help keep your trees healthy and your lawn looking its best. While the average homeowner is probably familiar with tree pruning as a concept, or even in practice, the task takes on an art form in the field.

Tree pruning can be a difficult and time-consuming task for homeowners, especially if the branches are out of reach or if you do not have the proper tools. That is why the helping hands of Frady Tree Care are here to assist you. Thanks to decades of collective experience, we will transform your trees into the masterpieces you want them to be. Click here to read more about our tree pruning services!

Tree Health Services

Trees are important in our lives as they provide vital natural resources for our communities, homes, and yards. Trees shade our homes and streets and beautify our landscape and cities. Trees are effective in cooling urban areas, using carbon dioxide from the air, reducing water runoff and soil erosion, and improving our environment overall.

Unfortunately, trees that grow in urban settings don’t live as long as they would in a forest. While most trees can live for hundreds of years, trees in the city only live for about 32 years.

Providing long-term, proactive care can help the tree defend itself and improve its health and longevity. At Frady Tree Care Specialists, being proactive and understanding what a tree requires is our goal. Click here to read about the various tree health services we provide!

Shrub Health Care

While most people will readily accept that they need professional help for tree service, some may hesitate at the idea of contacting an arborist for shrub health care. After all, how hard could caring for shrubs be?  It’s actually more difficult than you think! Like trees, shrubs require specific care at the right time if they are going to grow healthily. Trimming your shrubs in the wrong way or at the wrong time, using the wrong fertilizer, or not understanding proper pest management can have disastrous results.  Click here to learn more about our shrub health care services!


Frady Tree Care has the most reliable and professional tree services in the Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Clemmons & High Point, NC areas! Our team is a third-generation certified and fully-insured arboriculture firm. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we are the tree service experts you can trust.


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