Professional Dangerous Tree Removal Service Available In Charlotte, NC

Hurricanes Matthew and Florence are still fresh in the mind of most people, and they are a reminder of how quickly high wind and rain can upend limbs or branches from fully mature trees. When a tree is diseased, damaged, or dead, it can easily fall across property lines and cause serious damage to your car, house, or other surrounding structures.

If you notice any hazardous trees on your property, don’t hesitate to speak to a professional tree service in your area who will be able to inspect the problem and recommend the next line of action.

Frady Tree Care is a well-equipped and certified tree service that specializes in dangerous tree removal for residential and commercial properties throughout Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. Their thorough pre-planning, experience, and ability to pay attention to the slightest details allow them to safely and professionally remove trees located anywhere under any circumstances within minimal damage to your property.

Frady Tree Care is fully licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about any possible risk of liability if anything goes in the process of executing your tree removal project.

Signs of a Dangerous Tree

Not sure if you have hazardous trees on your property? Look for the following signs in your trees and call an expert immediately:

Tree growing over your home or near structure: A tree’s branches are not supposed to be allowed to grow over a home. Although they might provide some shade, leaving it uncorrected is like sitting on gunpowder.

Damaged trees: Trees can become damaged due to many reasons, such as lightning, storm, or activities of diseases and pests such as termites, and viruses. When you notice your tree has stopped growing the way it should, take the time to inspect the tree or call an expert to examine the situation instead.

Deformed trees: Is your tree showing signs of abnormal growth, such as curved trunks, invasive roots,or uneven branches on either side? It might be time you invited a professional tree service for a thorough inspection.

Trees growing close to utility lines: When your trees are too close to utility lines or electric wires, they can cause significant damage to these public utilities when there is heavy rain or storm.

Because of the danger associated with removing dangerous trees, you are advised not to attempt cutting down the trees yourself. Instead, engage the service of a trained tree removal expert. For professional assistance with dangerous tree removal in Charlotte, NC, get in touch with Frady Tree Care today. For more information, visit their website or call 704-644-2516.


Frady Tree Care has the most reliable and professional tree services in the Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Clemmons & High Point, NC areas! Our team is a third-generation certified and fully-insured arboriculture firm. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we are the tree service experts you can trust.


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