Local Arborist Offers Fall Tree Care Tips for Charlotte, NC, & Surrounding Areas

Professional tree service, Frady Tree Care shares fall tree care tips for residents in Charlotte, NC and its surrounding areas. 

Their team of professional arborists are vast in their knowledge of trees and can handle any tree situation. 

Fall Tree Care Tips for Charlotte, NC Residents

Here are the different care tips you can implement for your trees this fall:

Tree trimming and Pruning 

Fall is the time tree owners have to prepare their trees for winter. Trees also make some preparations of their own by focusing on developing their roots. 

When trees do this, they are in a dormant state. Tree trimming and pruning are one of the best care practices trees owners can give their trees in their dormant state. 

However, it is advisable to hire a professional tree service like Frady Tree Care to handle tree pruning because if not handled carefully, pruning can damage the trees. 

Water Your Trees

Watering your trees in the fall is critical for their health. Everyone knows about droughts caused by hot temperatures but not everyone is informed about winter droughts and how harmful they are to trees. 

Winter droughts critically affect the ability of trees to draw moisture and nutrients from the soil, leaving them in compromised health. Ensuring that your trees have enough moisture in fall, can save them from winter drought. 


Mulching is essential to your tree health in fall because it helps your trees retain their moisture and provides a warm environment for the soil microbes, keeping them alive through the cold season. To mulch, spread organic materials like leaves, hay and sawdust around the soil. 

Applying Fertilizers

Applying fertilizers to your trees is an important aspect of fall tree care because trees need nutrients to grow and remain healthy. When applying fertilisers to your trees, ensure to apply slow-release fertilisers because they release nutrients slowly to the soil instead of at once which can serve the trees through the winter season.

Where to find the best fall tree care in Charlotte, NC

If you live in Charlotte, NC, you need to contact Frady Tree Care for your fall tree care service. 

They have over 100 years of experience in tree service and they can be trusted. They have a team of Certified arborists who also offer other services like tree removal, emergency tree service and shrub care. 

Visit their website or call 704-644-2516 to speak with a tree care professional.


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