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Although trees are generally strong, they are not completely resistant to the activities of pests and disease-causing pathogens. Some of the early symptoms that your tree could be under attack include discolored leaves, dead branches, and leaf drop. Homeowners and businesses are advised to seek tree health care service from a local arborist when they notice symptoms of tree disease or pest infestation.

Proper tree health care involves routine monitoring and preventative maintenance services to keep your tree healthy year round. The arborist can easily diagnose the affected trees to uncover the cause of the problem and provide a quick solution. But other times, the problem can be so complex that the underlying causes could require a remedy extending over several months or years.

If you’re looking for a reliable  Greensboro NC tree service, contact Frady Tree Care. The expert arborists are properly trained and knowledgeable to provide quality and comprehensive tree health care services.

What Does Tree Health Care Involve?

Pest and disease Control

Pest infestation and disease can threaten your tree health. When you notice an abnormality in your tree’s appearance, you should call an expert for immediate examination of the problem. A trained arborist can help identify the specific symptoms, diagnose the problem and provide appropriate treatment.


Over time, land loses nutrients due to environmental impact such as flooding, resulting in poor tree growth. Applying fertilizer to your soil helps improve growth and enhance your tree health. Fertilizer is typically applied seasonally, and based on the tree’s needs, health, location and weather conditions.


Pruning is the careful removal of problem branches or other parts of the tree to help the tree stay strong and form into a desirable shape. There are several pruning methods, including crown cleaning, crown restoration, crow elevation and more. An expert arborist can explain a plan that is best for your tree after a careful inspection.


Mulching is a safe and beneficial practice that can significantly induce better tree health. Mulches are applied to the soil surface to enhance moisture, control weed germination and improve soil condition for better tree growth. However, mulch can have a counter effect if misapplied. It’s safe to have a professional manage the process for you. 

Speak To A Tree Health Care Specialist

Trees are prone to health problems, both as a result of environmental impact, pest infestation and diseases. Regular tree health care services can help you keep your trees and your overall landscape in top condition. You can get started with your tree health care program at Frady Tree Care today. If you need more information, speak to an experts at 704-644-2516


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