Frady Tree Care Specialists Share Safe Tree Removal Tips In Winston-Salem

Although trees are valuable assets that deliver numerous benefits to you and your neighborhood, there are times when their continued existence may expose you and your household to danger. If you have a dead or diseased tree or your tree is beginning to pose a threat to your property due to their proximity to other buildings, utility lines, play structures, it is high time you considered eliminating it.

It is important to note that tree removal is a potentially dangerous task. The process of removing trees and stumps from the ground can be both challenging and risky if you decide to handle the task yourself without prior experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 200 tree-related fatal injuries on average every year in the United States.

One of the major causes of dangers associated with tree removal are the tools. Chainsaws, wood chippers and other power or hand tools required for tree removal can be extremely dangerous for amateurs. A Chainsaw or ax can inflict serious injury to hands, legs or arms in just a second with the smallest distractions.

Your best bet at getting your trees removed without causing harm to either you, your property or your property is to engage the service of a tree removal expert to clear track record of success handling similar projects. Hiring an expert isn’t only a safer option, it is more cost-effective as you would have time to focus on more important things. 

What Are The Safety Measures To Consider When Removing A Tree in Winston-Salem?

To remove a tree from your property, it’s extremely important to engage the service of a tree care expert. This point cannot be overemphasized. It is not recommended to cut a tree yourself unless you have prior experience in doing it. Therefore, hire a professional to assist with the project to avoid avoidable injury or damage to your property.

If you intend doing it by yourself, then make sure that you have the proper equipment. The equipment you need depends on the size of your trees. But generally, you need some important equipment such as chainsaw, safety glasses, leg protection and 1000 LB test rope handy. Before you commence the work, clear the area in the fall-zone from anything that could be damaged.

Where To Find The Best Tree Removal Specialists In Winston Salem

It is true that there are many arborists around, but Frady Tree Care offers excellent tree service in Winston-Salem. Frady Tree Care is a full-service arborist company providing a wide range of tree care services to over 1000 residential, commercial and municipal clients in Winston-Salem at affordable prices.

Tree care specialists at Frady Tree Care are members of the Tree Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. For more information about how they can help with your tree needs, visit their official website or call 704-644-2516.


Frady Tree Care has the most reliable and professional tree services in the Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Clemmons & High Point, NC areas! Our team is a third-generation certified and fully-insured arboriculture firm. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we are the tree service experts you can trust.


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