Frady Tree Care Specialists Offer Winter Trimming and Pruning Tips

Pruning and trimming is an important part of proper tree care, and should be done routinely. It’s important that the trees be trimmed and pruned at the correct time or year to maximize the benefits and minimize any derogatory effects. Late winter is an ideal time for most trees and shrubs, as they are dormant. Without their leaves, they are in a better state of visibility, allowing the arborist to better decide where to cut, and what to remove.

When trimming and pruning, it’s helpful to remember that more can always be removed, but one cannot replace what one has cut. This principle will aid in the decisions involved when trimming and pruning. One should begin small, as every cut is final, and work progressively toward the desired result. Trees and shrubs also require enough foliage when Spring arrives, so its best to ensure that trimming and pruning does not result in the removal of too much plant. A good rule of thumb is to leave 1/3 or more of the plant’s existing structure.

The three D’s of trimming and pruning is an excellent guiding principle when preparing to begin winter pruning. These “Three D’s” are dead, diseased, and deranged. Dead wood is imperative to remove, as is diseased material on the plant. “Deranged” limbs are limbs growing awkwardly, or in odd or even absurd directions. Deranged limbs should also be removed.

The use of proper equipment is a helpful and necessary part of proper tree care. It’s best to use bypass pruners or pruning saws. Loppers are also a viable option. Motorized equipment, while useful in some instances, are more difficult to control, and tend toward mistakes. It’s best to leave motorized trimming and pruning to professionals with the correct training and experience. 

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