Why Do You Need To Put Mulch Around A Tree?

If you’ve ever planted trees, you know that one critical thing to do is put mulch around them. However, many people don’t know the significance of putting mulch around a tree. 

Mulch serves several purposes, and your tree may not thrive if you don’t lay mulch properly. As leading experts in tree service in Clemons, we explore the significant benefits of putting mulch around trees. 

Reduce Soil Moisture Loss

It is critical for the soil around a tree to retain moisture, especially for young trees. Laying organic mulch around the tree helps promote moisture retention. 

Water evaporates from the soil as the sun heats the ground. A layer of moisture prevents the sun from heating the ground directly, keeping water in the soil longer. 

The mulch also holds water, allowing the soil to absorb more moisture. For compacted soil, water may run off before the tree can absorb enough of it. In that case, mulch can help retain moisture around the tree. 

Reduce Weed Growth

Another great reason to put mulch around a tree is that it helps prevent weed germination by limiting the amount of light they receive. 

You should use thicker, shaggier mulch instead of finer mulch, such as compost, as these types of mulch suppress weed growth more effectively.  According to one study, mulch can minimize weed growth by 45% in the first year and 85% in the second year. 

Gradual Soil Improvement

Mulch layers can help improve your soil quality over time. If you use organic materials for mulch, they will disintegrate and add nutrients to the soil. Organic mulch also helps hold the existing soil nutrients, preventing the need to fertilize your soil frequently. 

Additionally, mulch prevents and reduces soil compaction around trees. Loose soil makes it easier for tree roots to grow and access oxygen. 

Maintain Ideal Root Temperature

Laying mulch around trees is an excellent way to keep the roots at healthy temperatures. It serves as a constant insulator by maintaining soil warmth in winter and coolness in summer. For best results, use organic mulch rather than inorganic or processed mulch. 

Prevent Soil Erosion

Another great benefit of mulch is soil erosion prevention. Rain, wind, and settling usually cause soil erosion, eventually revealing tree roots and causing other issues.

You can prevent this problem by mulching. This practice can protect your tree roots and prevent tripping accidents. 

Reduce Diseases

Fungus is not necessarily bad for your plants. Some fungi help suppress and prevent disease-causing organisms, minimizing the risk of your trees becoming diseased. 

Mulch promotes the development of these beneficial fungi. It also prevents the spread of diseases by inhibiting disease-carrying pests from reaching the soil surface and your trees. 

Weather Protection

Like it prevents soil erosion and sunlight from heating the soil, mulch also protects your tree roots against direct weather damage. 

Adding a layer of mulch over the tree roots covers and protects them against exposure to damaging cold, sun, and heat. As a result, your tree’s roots remain safe and healthy season after season.

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Putting mulch around a tree is important for several reasons. For example, it prevents moisture loss, reduces weed growth, improves soil quality, and prevents soil erosion. For the best results, consult a certified arborist to guide you on how properly lay mulch around trees.

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