How to Improve Tree Health: Best Practices

Trees are among the most valuable and beneficial natural resources. They reduce air pollution, raise our property values, reduce soil erosion, and house wildlife, all while increasing our yards’ visual appeal. That’s why it’s vital to keep our trees in tip-top shape year-round. 

Unfortunately, few people find the time to keep up with their trees or learn how to improve tree health. Luckily, the tree health experts at Frady Tree Care Specialists in Charlotte are here to help. Here, they share a few tips about how to maintain and improve the health of your cherished trees.

Protect Your Trees’ Roots

Keeping roots safe and sound is one of the best ways to keep your trees healthy. Roots absorb moisture and vital minerals while keeping the tree upright and secure. Since most roots remain underground, it’s crucial to have superb soil that will maximize oxygen as well as water and mineral absorption. 

Compacted soil is a tree root’s worst enemy. Before planting a tree, ensure that plenty of loose, healthy soil is around the tree so its roots can flourish. Also, be sure to give the roots plenty of space to expand over time. This space is known as the root zone. A spacious root zone combined with healthy soil is a surefire way to keep your tree healthy no matter what mother nature throws its way.

Protect the Tree’s Bark

Bark acts as a tree’s armor and protects it from fungal and bacterial infections. Without it, the tree is susceptible to rot and other harmful contaminants. Although you can’t shield the bark from freak accidents or natural hazards, you can implement a few preventive measures to ensure that it stays as healthy as possible, such as: 

  •       Prevent surrounding tree limbs from scraping a tree’s bark
  •       Ensure that your sprinkler isn’t spraying the tree, especially at a close distance
  •       Keep lawn equipment at a safe distance to prevent bark damage
  •       Plant trees away from driveways and streets to reduce bark breakage from vehicles
  •       Place reflectors on trees to make them visible at night, decreasing the chances of an accidental vehicle encounter

Prune Your Tree Limbs When Necessary

Cutting a few tree limbs might not sound like an effective way to improve tree health, but it’s one of the best ways to keep your trees in healthy condition. Pruning limbs allows a tree to thrive during the growing season. It ensures that the tree will grow safely and efficiently while heightening its visual appeal. 

However, it’s crucial to know which branches to cut during the pruning process. Only prune the following tree limbs: 

  •       Branches crossing or rubbing one another
  •       Broken or dead limbs
  •       Low-hanging branches

Water Your Tree Efficiently

It’s no secret that trees need plenty of water to flourish, especially in the drought-ridden summer months. Try to get in the habit of watering your trees during drought season to ensure that they grow healthy and strong. 

Most trees don’t need excess water during the winter since it’s a somewhat damp season. Watering is only necessary when the soil dries out and rain becomes scarce. Trees in hot and arid climates benefit more from additional watering than ones in moist, humid environments.

If a tree is already long far gone, choosing a tree removal service might be your best option. Contact us for more details.

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