How Long To Run Drip Irrigation for Shrubs: A Brief Guide

You’ve planted beautiful rows of plants, shrubs, and flowers in the yard, but have you asked yourself how long to run drip irrigation for shrubs? Innovative drip irrigation systems make watering shrubs more effortless than ever before, although too much water or incorrect irrigation system installation may leave shrubs exposed to pests and diseases.

Before disassembling your drip irrigation system, consider the following tips for optimizing watering techniques for small, medium, and large-sized shrubs. Many factors contribute to the healthy growth of shrubs, so always contact shrub care experts in Charlotte, NC, for more information about proper watering techniques, common shrub diseases, and irrigation system repairs. 

Continue reading to learn how long to run drip irrigation for shrubs. Healthy, beautiful shrubs improve your property’s curb appeal and air quality. 

Importance of Drip Irrigation Systems

Recent technological advancements changed the way people water plants. For example, farmers no longer have to water vast rows of crops individually. Drip irrigation systems utilize a series of emitters, drip tubing, and filters to effectively water trees, shrubs, plants, and crops. 

Some of the first drip irrigation systems utilized clay piping to water crops in arid climates. Improved water pressure control, tubing materials, electric timers, and calcium filters have evolved the process of delivering water to shrubs. Additional benefits of drip irrigation systems include the following: 

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Efficient water use 
  • Decreased labor costs 
  • Customization options 
  • Perfect for any soil type 

How Long To Run Drip Irrigation for Shrubs in Charlotte, NC 

Several factors determine how long to run drip irrigation for shrubs. For example, medium-sized native shrubs growing in sandy soil may require more water than small, non-native shrubs in clay soil. Tree care experts in Mecklenburg County can help determine the ideal drip irrigation system setting. 

Give your shrubs the care they need by considering the following factors for how long to run drip irrigation for shrubs. Properly functioning irrigation systems reduce energy costs, promote healthy plant life, and filter contaminates from water systems. 

Soil Type 

Consider the soil type of your property before running drip irrigation systems. Shrubs growing in sandy soils consisting of various rock aggregates require more water than shrubs growing in loamy, clay, or silt soils. Adequate soil moisture ensures healthy shrub growth and provides essential nutrients to the shrubs’ vascular tissue, root ball, and primary roots.

Shrub Size 

Shrub sizes directly affect watering schedules. Small shrubs less than four feet tall may require three to four gallons of water per week. Additionally, larger native shrubs that exceed seven feet in height may require seven to nine gallons per week. 

Consider running your drip irrigation system for 30 or 45 minutes and inspecting the A and B soil horizons for moisture. If you notice dry subsoil layers, increase the run time of your drip irrigation system to one hour and inspect shrubs again. Necessary trial-and-error testing helps determine how long to run drip irrigation for shrubs. 

Weather Conditions 

Changing seasons alter the watering needs of small, medium, and large-sized shrubs. In the winter, shrubs typically require water only once a month. Conversely, shrubs should receive water at least once a week during the warmer summer months. Consult your local tree service professionals to help maintain your beautiful shrubs’ health. 

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