How Far Apart Should Apple Trees Be Planted?

When choosing healthy apple trees at your local garden center, you probably picture the end goal: an expanse of thriving fruit trees bearing flawless fruits ripe for the picking. But it takes numerous steps and lots of time to get to that point. You have to work out the finer details for your trees to thrive.

How far apart should apple trees be planted? The answer isn’t as obvious as many people think. As Charlotte’s professional tree service provider, Frady Tree Care Specialists offers in-depth advice on how to plant your new saplings. 

Why Space Matters

You likely already know that newly planted trees need some space in between them. But why? Planting fruit trees seems like a straight-forward process. Some varieties of apple trees need more space than others. Without the proper amount of space, your trees could encounter:

  • Nutrient competition
  • Insufficient room for root development
  • Inadequate space for their spreads of branches

These issues lead to apple trees that struggle during the growing season. By the harvest season, some of the growing apples won’t ripen properly or develop to their full size. Your trees can also contract infections more easily due to their stunted growth.  

What to Consider Prior to Planting

In addition to distance, you should also consider a few other influences prior to planting the trees. Not all apple trees grow the same way. They, therefore, have varying nutritive and environmental needs to thrive and produce sweet fruits. 

Soil Type

Perform a soil test as part of proper planting methods before planting the trees. The test results will give you an idea of what the soil currently contains and lacks. If it lacks certain essential nutrients, it may need fertilizers or compost to enrich it. Saplings require readily available nutrients to develop and thrive. 

Apple Tree Species

There are three common types of apple trees:

  • Standard-size trees
  • Semi-dwarf trees
  • Dwarf trees

Each size has different spacing needs. 


Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators should travel from tree to tree with minimal effort. Short distances support their ability to fully pollinate each blossom. If the trees are too far apart, they could miss out on pollination each year. 

How Far Apart Should Apple Trees Be Planted?

Now, how far apart should apple trees be planted to support a healthy orchard? Take a look at some spacing requirements for different-sized trees below. Then, apply these guidelines to your personal orchard. 

Average-Sized Trees

Standard trees can reach 25 feet tall. Their limbs can spread that far too. Thus, they need at least 25 feet of space in between each tree. You can give them more space for good measure, but avoid planting them more than 100 feet apart. 

Semi-Dwarf Trees

Semi-dwarf varieties are medium-sized trees that can reach up to 15 feet tall. Their branches can take up a 15-foot area. Planting them at least 15 to 20 feet apart provides them with the minimal amount of space they need to fully develop. 

Dwarf Trees

Dwarf trees are the smallest types of apple trees. They only reach about 10 feet tall with a 10-foot diameter of spreading branches. Therefore, planting them 10 to 15 feet apart will give them a generous amount of space to grow. 

Contact Frady Tree Care Specialists for Expert Advice

How far apart should apple trees be planted? To stay on the safe side, research the maximum height your chosen variety can reach. Then, plant them that same distance apart.

Learn more tree care tips from experts like how to water mature trees. Don’t forget to reach out to our team at Frady Tree Care Specialists for comprehensive tree services at 336-236-1006.  


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