How To Get Rid of Tree Roots Under The House

Learning how to get rid of tree roots under the house puts you in a better position to prevent foundation damage. 

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Learn the Signs Of Root Damage

The first step in dealing with surface roots and more intrusive ones is recognizing the damage. It can take years for the problem to develop, so you have time to deal with it. However, it’s worth taking preventative measures before you see the following: 

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Windows that crack for no reason
  • Uneven floors
  • Lifting flooring
  • Doors that stick

Identify the Culprit

Of course, learning how to get rid of tree roots under the house also involves being able to identify the problematic tree. If there are several trees on the property, it could be any of them. The easiest route is to call a service like Frady Tree Care Specialists.

Once these specialists have an idea of which tree to target, they will dig along the area from the tree trunk to the foundation to find roots.

Take Preventative Measures Against Tree Roots

Finding the problem tree helps, but how to proceed in this task will depend on the extent of the problem. The more invasive the root system, the more challenging it is to find a solution. If you see a mass of large roots, you might need to consider tree removal, but an arborist can diagnose this issue for you. 

If the roots are still relatively small or underdeveloped, you can take measures, such as: 

Install a root barrier to get in the way. 

These sheets or panels are a good root growth prevention method. It’s an effective way to avoid foundation repair as they redirect the roots using the fabric or metal as a physical barrier that doesn’t harm the plant. 

Root pruning

It works, but if you cut off too much of the root or a large root, you may destabilize the tree. It could topple or die. The open wounds also leave the tree at greater risk of disease, so make sure it’s in optimal shape before trying this tactic. 

Remove the Tree

Tree removal is a last resort, but it may prove necessary if the tree is encroaching on your structure significantly. Experts will usually advise removing aggressive trees if they are too close to the property because prevention methods will provide a temporary solution at best. 

Call the Tree Experts

Whenever you’re dealing with an established tree that is in close proximity to your home, things may become tricky. Is it too late to install a root barrier? Will pruning the roots cause so much damage that the tree becomes dangerous?

Contacting a local arborist is your best solution because these tree professionals can advise you on the best strategy. They have the expertise, experience, and tools to see to the root system while still caring for the tree. If it becomes necessary to prune the roots, they will also be able to put a plan in place to properly support the tree’s recovery.

Ultimately, if the arborist has to remove the tree, they will also do so quickly and safely. They’ll also discuss the best strategy to deal with the remaining roots so that you can safeguard your building and its foundations.

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