CODIT Tree Care: What Does It Mean?

If you are a tree owner who doesn’t fully understand CODIT tree care, you are not alone. CODIT is an acronym for Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees and is a term arborists use to describe how trees deal with wounds.

This article will take a closer look at how CODIT tree care works, highlighting the importance of consulting tree service professionals in Winston-Salem.

What Is CODIT?

Unlike humans, trees do not heal damaged tissue. Instead, they create barriers that stop the spread of decay, defect, or infection.

Through CODIT, the tree will separate any infection or wound, confining the rot in this compartment to protect the rest of its health.

How CODIT Tree Care Works

CODIT has two parts. During the first part, the tree will form three barriers to prevent the decay’s spread. In the second part, it will create a wall to seal the isolated wound.

Part One

The first part of CODIT begins immediately and involves the formation of the three following barriers.

Barrier One

The first barrier the tree forms stops the vertical spread of decay, preventing it from traveling up or down the tree.

Barrier Two

The second barrier stops the decay’s inward spread, making it difficult for the infection to reach the tree’s center.

Barrier Three

The tree’s third barrier prevents the decay’s lateral spread, preventing it from traveling around its circumference.

Part Two

Once the tree creates the three barriers that prevent the spread of the infection or decay, it moves on to phase two: sealing the wound.

The tree will create a fourth barrier that seals off the open wound. As the tree grows, this barrier will prevent the decay from traveling to new growth.

The Importance of CODIT Tree Care

Here are a few key reasons CODIT is one of the most essential aspects of tree care.

Stops the Spread of Infection and Decay

CODIT goes a long way in preventing the spread of decay and infection, enabling the tree to remain as healthy as possible.

Protects Your Trees from Diseases

Delayed wound closure exposes your tree to agents like fungi, which cause diseases that threaten your tree’s health. Fortunately, by sealing such wounds, your tree shields itself from contracting diseases.

Improves the Quality and Beauty of Your Trees

With CODIT limiting the spread of decay, it can significantly improve the health and quality of your trees, ultimately enhancing their beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Provides Habitat for Organisms and Larger Creatures

Sometimes, the wound might be too large for the fourth wall to cover completely. When this happens, a cavity or hollow will develop. This cavity can provide homes to multiple organisms that can thrive without harming the tree.

Besides housing tiny organisms, the cavity can also be the perfect home to larger creatures, such as birds, bees, and squirrels.

Enhances Safety

Improper tree treatments and care can make your trees dangerous. For instance, a tree suffering from diseases or pest infestations can fall, injuring someone or damaging personal property.

Fortunately, since CODIT tree care helps trees heal and close wounds more efficiently, it prevents the decay and infections that weaken trees, enhancing the safety of your family, guests, community, and property.

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