Best Way to Wrap Trees for Winter: How-to Guide

Trees are a beautiful and necessary component of any landscape. If you’re a property owner, you’ve probably invested plenty of time and money on trees to help shade, decorate, or improve the health of your land. 

If you’re curious about the best way to protect young trees from winter conditions, we’re here to help at Frady Tree Care Specialists. We’re experienced tree service professionals in Salisbury, NC. In this blog, we talk about why tree wrapping is important, the best way to wrap trees for winter, and more. 

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Why Tree Wrapping is Important 

Healthy trees of all ages are worth protecting. Though trees are dormant in the winter, harsh weather and other conditions such as cracked limbs or frozen roots can damage trees’ internal and external structures. 

Although winter months are cold, new trees and young saplings are still susceptible to a problem called sun scalding. When sun scalding happens, tree bark in intense sunlight warms, increasing cellular activity. This activity takes the tree out of its dormant state, triggering growth. When temperatures drop again, these active cells die, creating problems that can lead to bark loss. 

When trees lose their bark, they become more susceptible to fungal and viral infections, weather damage, and more.  Using quality tree wrappings can help protect younger trees and keep them healthy until maturity. 

Using Burlap for Evergreen Tree Wrapping in Winter 

Though many fabrics are available for tree wrapping, burlap is plentiful and inexpensive, making it one of the best ways to wrap many kinds of trees for winter. Though heartier than many thin-barked or deciduous tree species, evergreen trees may need burlap protection until early spring if:

  • The tree seems weak for any reason 
  • The tree is in an area that experiences heavy wind
  • The tree is dehydrated
  • The tree is newly planted or a sapling
  • The north-facing side of the tree is damage

Many trees require a plastic tree guard or polypropylene fabric to stay safe during winter. If you’re unsure which type of tree wrap you need to use for a given tree, reach out to Frady Tree Care Specialists today. 

How to Use Burlap To Safeguard Trees

If you’ve decided to use burlap for trees on your property, wrapping is hassle-free. Property owners can use two primary methods to safeguard trees using burlap tree wrapping. 

Method One

  • Loosely but completely wrap the tree in burlap, from base to highest point
  • Temporarily pin the burlap and cut from the spool 
  • Remove pins and tie top, middle, and bottom with twine

Method Two 

  • Create wooden stakes that are slightly taller than the tree
  • Place one stake on the front side of the tree
  • Place a second stake on the side of the tree with the most wind
  • Place the third stake on any side of the tree to form a triangle
  • Stretch burlap between the stakes
  • Secure burlap with staples

It’s understandable not to feel confident when wrapping trees for harsh winter seasons. Reach out to tree service professionals today to get the help you need to make tree wrapping an easy job. 

Trusted Tree Service Professionals

Whether you’re protecting young, thin-barked trees, preserving an orchard, or growing evergreens, the best way to wrap trees for winter depends on your unique situation. For targeted advice, professional service, and free estimates, talk to a certified arborist from Frady Tree Care Specialists today. Help is available by phone or through our convenient online form. 


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