Seven Best Trees for Backyard in North Carolina

Building out a beautiful residential landscape includes choosing the best trees for backyards. As your trees grow, they’ll become centerpieces in your yard, providing shade during humid North Carolina summers and showing off a colorful turnout during seasonal changes. If you want to enjoy your own private show during early spring and autumn, your most reliable tree service in Lexington, NC, recommends these seven best trees for backyards in North Carolina.

1. Flowering Dogwood

As the producer of North Carolina’s state flower and one of the most popular trees in the United States, the dogwood tree tops the list of great backyard trees. Dogwoods attract birds and other wildlife while providing a little backyard shade, producing a spray of pink or white flowers in early spring before turning to emerald green leaves in the summer. Newly planted dogwoods take around ten years to mature, but grow quickly at about one foot each year.

2. Shagbark Hickory

Topping out between 60 and 80 feet tall, the shagbark hickory tree has an intriguing bark texture and offers plenty of yard coverage during the summer. The leaves turn golden yellow as autumn sets in, adding a zing of color among browns, oranges, and reds. Nuts dropped by the shagbark hickory make a tasty human snack when roasted, and provide squirrels and other wildlife with food.

3. Sourwood

Among the best trees for backyard shade, the sourwood can grow as tall as 60 feet. During the summer, this tree produces fragrant white flowers that attract honey bees, while fall sees the leaves turn a beautiful bright red. To maximize the beauty of the sourwood tree, plant it where it can enjoy exposure to full sun.

4. Eastern Redbud

Native to the area, the redbud has a special North Carolina variant dubbed the Carolina Sweetheart. With beautiful pinks, greens, and whites, the eastern redbud offers a beautiful springtime bouquet to brighten up any backyard. Redbuds provide an ideal shelter for birds and small mammals.

5. Tulip Poplar

The tulip poplar tree grows to a towering 70 feet high, growing best in full sunlight and providing plenty of shade on summer afternoons. Fast-growing and quick to bloom during spring, the tulip poplar offers seasonal beauty with bright green leaves in the summer and colorful yellow foliage as fall approaches. Besides its beauty and height, tulip poplars can grow in most soil types and resist tree diseases and invading insects.

6. White Oak

One of the best trees for backyards, the white oak tree should top your list. Hardy, thick-trunked, and reaching heights as tall as 100 feet, white oaks grow in forests and residential neighborhoods across the United States. Young white oaks turn brown in the fall, while older oak leaves show out in a bright show of red.

7. Eastern Red Cedar

Dry North Carolina weather can negatively affect some tree species, but the eastern red cedar tolerates droughts reasonably well. These thick evergreens not only provide a beautiful backyard view but can also contribute to backyard privacy. In the fall, birds, rabbits, and foxes take advantage of the juniper berries produced by the eastern red cedar.

Do You Want to Plant One of These 7 Beautiful Trees?

Adding trees to your landscape improves your home’s curb appeal, provides privacy, and gives you an annual show of seasonal tree changes. If you’re ready to make your yard sing in the fall, choose any of these seven best trees for backyards. Call (704) 644-2516 for your free estimate from Frady Tree Care Specialists. 

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