5 Signs You May Need to Remove a Tree

Trees can look gorgeous in your yard, adding golden colors during fall seasons and shade during the summer.

But sometimes, they do more harm than good. When they do, it’s best to call a professional to remove your tree. If you don’t, you might have bigger problems down the road.

So how do you know if you need a tree removal? When is it the best option?

Keep reading for 5 signs you may need to remove a tree. Afterward, you’ll be ready to call a professional.

1. Disease and Decay

Diseased and decayed trees are problematic for a diverse number of reasons. Letting them be is a recipe for disaster.

Many pests love nesting in soft, rotting trees. Trees can also infect other healthy trees by spreading disease through irrigation and/or rainfall.

These trees will also fall apart, potentially causing damage to nearby structures. Disintegrating trees are also an eyesore, creating an unsightly property.

If your tree is sick or decaying, call a professional tree removal service as soon as possible. Or you can use tree health services. Doing so will prevent you from also having to call pest control and/or a handyman.

2. Pest Infestation

As we’ve just mentioned, a rotting and dead tree can attract pests. When you’ve got a pest problem, it’s best to remove the source of the infestation.

This isn’t only because a rotting tree can do damage. Certain infestations can spread to other trees, and certain pest species can cause tree diseases. Insects like aphids and leafhoppers can also prevent trees from using photosynthesis, leading them to die prematurely.

3. Branch Loss

If large tree branches start dropping, you should use a tree removal company as soon as possible. Continuous branch loss could indicate that your tree is unhealthy.

An unhealthy tree will shed unhealthy branches to stimulate healthy growth. However, this can be dangerous, as falling large branches can damage surrounding areas. They can also cause injury to anyone in its vicinity.

4. Shedding

It’s normal for healthy trees to shed, especially during fall and winter. But even healthy trees are a nuisance if they’re constantly shedding debris such as branches, leaves, needles, etc.

A huge amount of shedding makes yard maintenance a chore. It can also be a hazard to surrounding structures.

5. Giant Tree

Big trees look magnificent if your property can accommodate them. Otherwise, they cause hefty damage to your property.

They won’t just cramp up against your home with its large, overbearing branches. A large root system can also spread underneath the foundation of your home and neighboring homes. In this case, you’ll need the best tree removal service so that your tree doesn’t dominate and damage the structure of your home.

Get a Professional to Remove a Tree on Your Property

Sometimes trees die, and sometimes they overstay their welcome. Instead of ignoring signs that you need a tree removal, give your property and your other plants their best shot.

Contact Frady Tree Care Specialties today! You can even call us at 704-644-2516 to get an estimate. We know how important it is to remove a tree that’s causing more problems than joy.


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